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House rules

  • Payments are accepted in cash only
  • A minimum deposit of €50- is required for all appointments and custom designs
  • All deposits are non-refundable, without exceptions.
  • A 24-hour notice is required for any cancellation, otherwise, your deposit is void.
  • You will not get inked if you are:
    o Under the age of 16 – without exceptions
    o Pregnant
    o Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • No children or animals are allowed in the studio
  • All after-care information is provided by the artist once the service is done. Please follow it diligently.


All tattoos require immediate aftercare. In order to obtain the best results, we strongly
recommend you follow the advice below:


  • During the two first weeks after the session, make sure to keep your tattoo moist with either Bepanthen or non-perfumed Vaseline the entire time.
  • For the entire two weeks, please avoid as much as possible:
    o Go swimming
    o Take a bath – showers are okay, but the tattoo shouldn’t soak in water
    o Go to a sauna
    o Sunbathe
    o Touch the tattoo with dirty hands
  • Try to cover a fresh tattoo as little as possible




Kamil ‘Maestro’ Jastrzebski is a Polish descendent all-round tattoo artist, specialised in various styles. He has over 12 years experience in art, drawing and painting and has fully dedicated the past two years to tattooing and illustrations. He got his apprenticeship at the Ink House in Gravenbroich, Germany, guided and mentored by an allrounder artist with 14 years of experience in tattooing and 25 years of experience in fine arts. Named Maestro by his highschool friends, Kamil is a true drawer and art enthusiast and is ready to think along with you to find the perfect match for your next tattoo.

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