So you want to quit smoking and start vaping? Or you already started vaping and want more info? We will guide you through our knowledge and help you out.


If you haven’t read our ABOUT VAPING topic or don’t know the basics of vaping, we advise you to check the ABOUT VAPING to understand the terms below better.


Never used a vaporizer or e-cigarette before Vaped a few times or knows the basics about vaping. Can explain the basics about vaping, but still wants some extra information Knows almost everything about vaping, but doesn’t want to miss out any kind of vape related information
First time looking for info about vaping. Has a basic vaporizer or e-cigarrette. Has a vaporizer.
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Can explain the basics about vaping, but still wants some extra information Knows almost everything about vaping, but doesn’t want to miss out any kind of vape related information
Has a vaporizer.


When we get a customer who wants to buy new vape supplies we usually go through a few steps:

  • Box mod system or pod system
  • The recommended device choice
  • The right liquid
  • The best nicotine level

Box mod system or pod system

The pod system is usually used by high nicotine level smokers, because of the easy use for high intensity of nicotine and the low intensity of vapor compared to the box mod system. This pod system really works well for high nicotine smokers. Most of the refillable cartridges is filled up by nic salt instead of the well-known basic e-liquid.

In contradiction with the box mod system, the box mod system got more specs and is more focussed on the vape experience than the nicotine experience. This system fits better for normal smokers, because of the cloud, flavour and low (or zero) nicotine experience.

The recommended device choice

In general, the kind of chipsets what is used in a box mod system or a pod system have a huge influence on the way how the flavour tastes, how intense the hit is and how the vapor streams into your throat.

Most of the pod systems are technically almost the same. There isn’t a huge difference between the pod systems. They all do the same, but can differ a little bit because of the chipset. It is slightly remarkable.

The box mod systems can differ a lot from each other, from the model, the look and feel, the chipset, the power, the specs to the pricing. The recommended device choice depends on what the vapeneeds are. How much did you smoke? What did you smoke? Why did you smoke? Are you addicted to the (low) nicotine or the action?


When people smoke more than half a normal pack of cigarettes, we recommend to take a doubled battery box mod system. One of the biggest problems why people who tried to vape, fall back on cigarettes is because of the empty battery. When you vape a lot it is necessary to have a box mod with a lot of power.

You could say that the most important choice you have to make for choosing a device is choosing the right amount of the power of the box mod.

The best nicotine level

For a lot of people who smoked, we discovered that mostly of our customers who wanted to have a nicotine based e-liquid, didn’t even need the nicotine, because they were addicted to the action instead of the nicotine. It wasn’t about the throat hit they wanted, but the action of inhaling smoke.


The main goal is to decrease the nicotine level and even stop with vaping. The best way to figure out if you’re one of the kind of customers  above is to try a week vaping without nicotine. If you also get the satisfaction without the nicotine, than we highly recommend to vape in low or without nicotine. For the people who need the nicotine we advise to start with 3mg nicotine based e-liquid. From there on you could see if you need more or less nicotine.

The right liquid

It is well known that there are tons of flavours of e-liquid. We separate the flavours in categories:


  • Fruity and sweet Low Mint
  • Fruity and sweet High Mint
  • Fruity and sour Low Mint
  • Fruity and sour High Mint
  • Bakery
  • Creamy
  • Tobacco


The best way to choose your right e-liquid is to go to one of our shops or a local vape specialist  for the best personal guidance in finding the right liquid. Not choosing the right e-liquid is also one of the biggest mistakes a starting vaper can make to fall back on smoking cigarettes. That’s why we also focus on finding the right liquid in our 400+  sorts of e-liquid.

Extra Tips

  • Watch a few reviews before you buy a vaporizer. We got a few reviews for you.
  • When you put a new coil inside your tank, the cotton has to absorb the e-liquid for about 15 minutes minimum.
  • Never vape your tank completely dry.
  • Turn off you vaporizer when you put in in your pocket or in your bag.
  • There are a lot of well-known vape brands, but it is better to look at the specs they have instead of choosing a well-known vape brand.
  • Initially you might cough a lot, but don’t worry that is because you are coughing all the residual smoke parts out of your lungs.

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