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The information below are the basics. For more information you could drop by the store or make a call to our customer service. Before we give more info about vaping, we give answers about the frequently asked questions in a small scheme:


Advantages and disadvantages for the non-cigarette smoking vapers

Advantages Disadvantages
Flavour satisfaction Stimulates dry mouth
Possible allergic reaction on propyleneglycol
Damage because of the nicotine in the e-liquid (it is your own choice to vape with or without nicotine)

Advantages and disadvantages for the cigarette smoking vapers

Advantages Disadvantages
Decreased of risk of cancer Stimulates dry mouth
Decreased of risk of heart- and lung diseases Possible allergic reaction on propyleneglycol
Better blood flow Damage because of the nicotine in e-liquid (nicotine is optional)
Feeling fitter
Better breathing
More energy
Better odor and sense of smell
Less smokers cough
No disgusting smell of cigarettes
Remarkable money saving
None to barely withdrawal symptoms


Why do people quit smoking and start vaping?

There are several reasons why people quit smoking and start vaping where the most important reason, health and saving money. The most important of vaping is that it offers a possibility to taper down smoking from high nicotine to vaping without nicotine and even completely stop smoking and vaping at all. In addition to above, you don’t only damage yourself, but also your environment and other people who also inhale your smoke, even children. This damaging effect doesn’t come by with vapor of vaporizers. Other reasons are the easy use of the vaporizer and the sweet smell of the vapor instead of the disgusting cigarette smell what gives the possibility to vape inside your house. Vaping also doesn’t affect your teeth or taste organs.

What is vaping?

Vaping is the term for using electrical cigarette which gives a replacing satisfaction for smoking a cigarette. You inhale aerosol what arises by heating the e-liquid.

What happens in a vaporizer?

The battery to power the coils. While the coil gets power, there will be a heated process in the tank what creates smoke/vapor. It is very important that there is a process of heating, so the vaporizers doesn’t burn anything. The e-liquid get heated by the coil. The coil is a filament. How fast the e-liquid evaporates and how fast the coil has to be changed, depends on the amount of wattage what is used, the power of inhaling from the vaporizer, what the resistance of the coil is and the type of liquid. It is always the intention that the cotton or the coil stays moist.

What is inside e-liquid?

The base from e-liquid always contain Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). The base of this composition is supplemented by water, aroma’s and optionally nicotine. The e-liquids get usually sold without nicotine which have the possibility to add nicotine. Vegetable Glycerine (VG): VG also comes in several foods and cosmetics. VG is also thicker than PG and creates the thickness of the clouds and gives a softening hit for the throat. Propylene Glycol (PG): PG also comes as VG in several foods and can also get used for medical applications. This is also used as cloud fluid for cloud machines, usually used in discos.

What is direct lung vaping and mouth to lung vaping?

Mouth to lung

A mouth to lung hit is also known as M2L or MTL where you inhale a desired amount of vapor in the mouth and afterwards inhale through your lungs. You could see your mouth as a pit stop for the clouds to your lungs. This way of vaping is comparable with the same action of smoking a cigarette. You could get this feeling from a box mod system or a pod system. The MTL system is advised for smokers who are more addicted to the high nicotine level than the smoke action.

Direct lung

A direct lung hit is also known as DL vaping where you inhale all the amount of cloud directly to your lungs. There isn’t a case of a pit stop where the cloud collects. In this case is there a process of a normal breathing process, also comparable with the same inhale process from a hookah/shisha. You could only get this feeling by a box mod system. A direct lung system is advised for smokers who are more addicted to the action and the low nicotine level.

What is the difference between a box mod system and a pod system?

  • The way of vaping
  • The costs of the maintenance and components. The costs of a pod system are only the replacement of the cartridges where you could refill the e-liquid. In general are the costs of a pod system lower than from a box mod system, but doesn’t always satisfies the smoker.
  • A pod system is rechargeable by a usb-cable. Most of the times it isn’t necessary to press on a button to activate the pod. Activating the pod happens when you inhale through the pod. The power of the pod isn’t adjustable.
  • A box mod can be split by an internal and a external battery box mod. The extern battery is rechargeable by a usb-cable and also rechargeable by a extern charger. The benefit of an extern battery is that you always can put a new full battery inside which isn’t possible with an intern battery. The device turns on by pressing the power button. In this case, the power is adjustable. When you change the power of the box mod, you change the vapor intensity and flavour intensity.
  • The maintenance of the box mod and pod are quiet the same. Both the pod system as the box mod system has to be charged, cleaned, refilled with e-liquid and replaced with a new coil/cartridge.

What is the difference between vaping and smoking?

In general the way how you inhale the smoke of a cigarette differs from the vapor of a box mod. This is because of the composition, amount and thickness of the vapor. When you smoke a cigarette, solid particles will be inhaled because it comes from a burning process. In contrast to vaping with a vaporizer, you will inhale aerosol/vapor.


No disgusting smell

Apart from the fact that the smoke from cigarettes inhaled by others  have a negative effect on the health, it also smells disgusting. The vapor from vaporizers mostly smell very sweet and don’t affect health of others.


No tar, carbon monoxide and more chemical dust

In contrast to the 4 (with nicotine 5) ingredients in e-liquid, contains cigarettes way more dangerous and chemical dust. Apart from the fact carbon monoxide is released by a burning process,  also releases tar, benzene, formaldehyde, acetone and a lot more chemical dust we don’t even know what is inside.

What do the studies say about the harmfulness of vaping?

There are several studies with different opinions about the harmfulness of vaping. The Boston University School of Public Health concluded that the level of carcinogenic dust in electronic cigarettes thousand times lower is than in normal cigarettes. Even there are financial compensations in the UK when stopping with cigarettes by using a vaporizer.

What is the anatomy of a vaporizer?


The device of the vaporizer is where the power come from, all the settings are adjustable, the power button is and where you hold your vaporizer. Some vaporizers have various specs, some have a flashlight, other have a touchscreen and other vaporizers can play sound. But the most important thing what makes the device, is the kind of chipset inside the vaporizer.



The battery regulates the power of the vaporizer and are available in various power levels and size. Most of the batteries are rechargeable by usb-cable. The extern batteries are also rechargeable by a extern battery charger. The difference between this charge techniques are the lifespan of the batteries and the speed of charging.



A tank is an important part of the vaporizer where the heating process happens. Every tank is possible to place at every vaporizer because of the universal screw under the tank. But not every resistance is possible to read by the vaporizer.


A few tank sorts are RDA’s, RTA’s and Sub-Ohm Atomizers (and more). A RDA or a RTA need more maintenance than a Sub-Ohm Atomizer, but for more flavour and cloud satisfaction it’s worth it. The costs of the use of a RDA/RTA are usually lower than from a Sub-Ohm Atomizer


A RTA or a RDA are in general possible to use in a higher wattage than a Sub-Ohm Atomizer because of the self-buildable system. You have also more control of the resistance, sort coil and sort cotton when you are using a RDA or RTA for a more intense vape satisfaction.



A RDA is an abridgement for Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer also known as a dripper. The difference of the build between a RDA and a RTA or a Sub-Ohm Atomizer is that the RDA no storage for the e-liquid contains. Because of the difference in the build, are the techniques and maintenance quite different from each other. The coils and cotton have to be built on the top of the deck of a RDA. A deck from a RDA can also have space for one, two or more coils. There is also one rule in general; the less the coils, the higher the flavour satisfaction and cloud satisfaction can be.


The liquid has to be dripped again after a few inhalations. This goes by dripping a few e-liquid drops on the top of the RDA while it will be evaporated by the hot coil. For an average daily vaper it is recommended to change the cotton daily, so the flavour satisfaction will be optimal. With good maintenance it is possible to hold the coils for 2 months or longer.



A RTA is an abridgement for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. The similarities between a RTA and a Sub-Ohm Atomizer are the storage room for the e-liquid. A RTA works the same as a RDA when it comes to the rebuilding side.


A RTA can be seen as a mix between a RDA and a Sub-Ohm Atomizer because of the self-build deck and storage room for e-liquid.


Sub-Ohm Atomizer: A Sub-Ohm Atomizer works easier than a RTA or a RDA, because it is refillable tank with a storage room for e-liquid and the coils can be changed easily. Most of the times a Sub-Ohm Atomizer works the best for a beginning vaper.



Coils are the heated part of a vaporizor where the e-liquid will get evaporated. Coils do also come in various sizes, resistances and compositions.


Adjustable airflow

The more open the airflow is, the colder the clouds and the lighter the inhalation. When you close the airflow it will vape more like a MTL inhalation of a cigarette. We advise in general to put the airflow fully open and test the airflow more to your needs.

What maintenance?


The cleaning of your complete vaporizer is also important. You don’t want to have your bag or pockets dirty, because you didn’t clean your vaporizer. It isn’t necessary to clean it up with soap, using water is good enough.



The storage for e-liquid is refillable, so make use of it. Never leave the tank empty of liquid. The times you have to refill it depends on how much you are vaping.


Replacing Coil

Replacing the coil is also a very important maintenance, so the satisfaction will be optimal as possible. You could see or taste when you have to change the coil. It will looked burned or taste burned. Mostly the coil of a Sub-Ohm Atomizer have to be changed every week.



Recharging your battery is the last maintenance. Charge your vaporizer every night and your vaporizer is ready for the next day!

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